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After Robert’s Rebellion , House Baratheon split into three branches: This information is not publicly known in Westeros and is a secret known to only a few. Policy, Progeny, and Pain. Blackfyre Cargyll Darklyn Hollard. Retrieved from ” https:

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The Baratheon sigil is a crowned black stag on a field of gold. It has produced a number of great and notable warriors, such as Ser Lyonel Baratheon, the Laughing Storm, and married into the royal House Targaryen several generations ago. King Joffrey I names Lord Renly and Ser Loras among the nobles who must do him homage or be declared traitors, and soon thereafter has Eddard executed for treason.

Robert is houss wounded by a boar while out on a hunt, inebriated by strong wine arranged for by his wife, 1440xx2560 Cersei Lannisterwho fears what he might do if he discovers the truth that her three children—Joffrey, Myrcellaand Tommen —are not his, but are the result of incestuous liaisons with her brother, Ser Jaime the Kingslayer. Despite Stannis’s better claim to the Iron ThroneRenly is able to rally the stormlands to his cause, as well as House Tyrell and much of the Reach.

Lord Stark has discovered that Queen Cersei ‘s children, JoffreyMyrcellaand Tommen Baratheonare not Robert’s legitimate children, but they are instead bastards born of incest with Cersei’s brother, Ser Jaime Lannister.

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They failed their mission, and died upon their return, when their ship Windproud sank in Shipbreaker Bay. A black crowned stag and a gold lion, combatant, on a per pale gold and houxe field Per pale or and gules, a stag, crowned, sable and a lion of the first combatant Formerly just a black crowned stag on gold Or, a stag, crowned, sable. Renly participates in the Hand’s tourneyriding well before losing to Sandor Clegane.


After leaving Castle BlackStannis remains in the northliberates Deepwood Motte[24] and marches on Winterfell. This angered Lord 1440×22560, causing him to declare independence, naming himself the new Storm King.

This article is about the main branch of the family, whose seat is Storm’s End. Later, as Robert lies dying from a kingswood boar’s tusk, Hokse asks Eddard to support him in a bid for the throne.

Orys led an army which slew the last of the Storm Kings, Argilac the Arrogant, and captured his castle of Storm’s End. In ACLord Baratheon held a tourney to celebrate the birth of his grandson. 14402560 14, at 3: For his leal service, Orys was made a lord and allowed to found his own Great House, marrying the daughter of Argilac and taking his sigil and words for his own.

Bolling Brownhill Connington Hasty Seaworth. Lord Borros was reluctant to face the dragons during the war, but marched with his army towards the end of the war, seizing King’s Landing for Aegon II during the Moon of the Three Kings, restoring the city to order. The latter is assassinated at Storm’s End.

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He was promised that his eldest daughter would marry King Aegon II, who had lost both his Queen, Helaena Targaryenas well as both of his sons, during hoouse war.

Most of the houses sworn to Storm’s End, as well as some from the Reach, join Stannis, who unsuccessfully attacks King’s Landing in the Battle of the Blackwater. The wedding took place in ACand a son, Steffonwas born the next year. Orys took the sigil and words of House Naratheon for his own and became the first Lord of Bararheon End.


Houses of the Crownlands. House Baratheon’s sigil is a black stag on a gold background and their house motto is “Ours is the Fury”. Jon refused and raised his banners, marking the start of the war that would become known as Robert’s Rebellion.

House Baratheon was split into three branches: Ser Raymont Baratheona younger son of an unknown Lord Baratheon, was a member of the Kingsguard of King Aenys I Targaryenand saved the life of his king during the Faith Militant uprisingwhen the Poor Fellows attempted to murder the king in his bed. House Baratheon was created when Orys Baratheonone of Aegon I Targaryen ‘s generals, his closest companion, and his rumored bastard half-brother, took Argella Durrandonthe only daughter of Argilac Durrandonthe last Storm Kingto wife.

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Ser Loras Tyrell is said to have taken Dragonstone from Stannis’s garrison in a bloody assault. After Eddard refuses to support Renly’s bid baratheeon power, Renly, his thirty men-at-arms, and his former squire Ser Loras Tyrell ride south out of the capital. Baratheon of King’s Landing. His short, bloody rebellion ended when he was defeated by Ser Duncan the Tall in single combat, Duncan renounced his claim to the throne, and King Aegon promised that Princess Rhaelle Targaryenhis youngest daughter, would marry Lyonel’s heir, Ormund Baratheon.

Aside from a few garrisons, Stannis leads his remaining forces north to the Wall and saves the Night’s Watch from wildlings in the battle beneath the Wall.

Houses of the Stormlands.