Shivani embraces him before stabbing him. In an attempt to escape, she makes a complaint about the brutality of her prison guard but her plea is ignored. Vijay befriends Ashok in hopes of getting closer to Shivani. Vijay informs his mother that he intends to marry Shivani. In their scuffle, they end up both dangling from a cliff with Vijay hanging onto Shivani’s foot. Sutanu Gupta Gautam Rajadhyaksha.

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Vijay informs his mother that he intends to marry Shivani. One day, Mohanlal tells his wife to remove Pinky from the house and she refuses. Shivani attempts to convince the police that Vijay is responsible for Ashok’s death. Shivani embraces him before stabbing him. For the film, see Anjaam film.

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Be Free Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam ft. Rakesh Budhu of Planet Bollywood gave the album 7. Retrieved 23 October Deciding that it is more important for Vijay to die than for her to live, Shivani lets go, causing both of them to fall to their deaths. Harish Pandit Kunal Bagde. Dharam Yuddh Honee Ahonee Khan was again featured in a negative role; he received the Filmfare Best Villain Award for his performance.


Jai maa kali dj remix song competition dj song matal dance dj humming bass competition mix DJ JTS 2 months ago. Ashok thk oblivious to Vijay’s real intentions and does not believe Shivani when she tries to convince him of Vijay’s truth. One day, Ashok kicks Shivani out after they have an argument.

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Athrx film is tui the consequences Anjaam of the slightest mistake and how it can ruin your whole life. Shivani and Ashok now have a daughter named Pinky. Retrieved from ” https: In prison, she comes to know that she is pregnant with Ashok’s child.

This does not stop Vijay and he continues to pursue her, only to be rejected every time. Kali Chidi Tu Badi Nakhrali: When cured, Vijay begs Shivani once again to say she loves him. Kalikali Badali raniragilisong 1.

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Shivani learns about their deaths and realizes Vijay is the one who killed them. She meets Vijay Agnihotri Shahrukh Khana wealthy industrialist. Jai maa kali movie Karan arjun dj vibration song navratra kj by wd bhavani star Wd Bhavani Star 3 months ago. Three years later, Shivani is released from prison.


He was nominated for the same award the previous year for his performance in Yash Chopra ‘s Darr. When the prison guard learns that Shivani complained, she gives her a severe beating, which causes her to have a miscarriage. Subscribe to our Channel and if really liked the video then Hit The like Button: Jatin Antil N P Music By kwaari this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Works of Rahul Rawail.

In an attempt to escape, she rmix a complaint about the brutality of her prison guard but her plea is ignored. The only song sung by Abhijeet in this album “Badi Mushkil Hai” is considered one of the most melodious song till date “.